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[post_content] => Your body produces a wax-like substance called cholesterol. You also get it from food. Your body needs it, but when there is too much cholesterol in your blood it can clog your arteries. This increases your risk of heart disease, heart attack and death.

For older people, however, there is no clear evidence that high cholesterol causes heart disease or death. In fact, some studies show the opposite-that older people with the lowest cholesterol levels actually have the highest risk of death.

Statins can cause muscle problems, such as aches, pains or weakness. Rarely, there may be a severe form of muscle older adults, statins can also cause:

Older adults often take many medications, which can interact with statins and cause serious problems. Side effects, such as muscle pain, could increase. In addition, statins can cause a life-threatening reaction when taken with heart rhythm medications.

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Esophagitis is a term for any inflammation, irritation or swelling of the esophagus. This is the tube that carries food and liquids from the mouth to the stomach.Infectious esophagitis is an infection of the esophagus due to viruses, bacteria, fungi or yeast. This can occur in people with a weakened immune system.  Causes

Your health care provider will ask you questions about your symptoms and examine your mouth and throat. Tests may include:You may need to have an upper endoscopy exam. This is a test done to examine the lining of your esophagus.Treatment.

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Medications can often control the infection. The type of medication given depends on the cause of the infection.  Antiviral medications can treat a herpes infection.  Antifungal medications can treat a yeast infection. Antiviral medications can treat a CMV infection.    Ganciclovir or foscarnet are given through a vein (intravenously). In some cases, a medicine called valganciclovir, which is taken by mouth, may be used for CMV infection.Some people may also need pain relievers.Ask your provider for special diet recommendations. For example, there may be foods you should avoid eating while your esophagus heals.Many people need other medications for long periods of time to suppress the virus or fungus and prevent the infection from coming back.Outlook (prognosis)


Una composición líquida para usar en el tratamiento de un trastorno mucocutáneo oral, que comprende uno o más mucoadherentes en una solución acuosa que exhibe comportamiento seudoplástico y tiene una viscosidad de cizalladura cero de 100. 10 -3 Pa.s (100 centipuises) a 20.000.10 -3 Pa.s (20.000 centipoises) y sin un ingrediente farmacéutico activo conocido. Composición líquida para uso en el tratamiento de un trastorno mucocutáneo oral, que comprende uno o más mucoadherentes en una solución acuosa que presenta un comportamiento pseudoplástico y tiene una viscosidad de cizallamiento cero de 100,10 -3 Pa.s (100 centipuises) a 20.000,10 -3 Pa.s (20.000 centipoises) y sin un ingrediente farmacéutico activo conocido.

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lengua. Úlceras aftosas menores , el tipo más común, que reaparecen en grupos de 1 a 5 lesiones, con un diámetro inferior a 1 cm cada una, y que normalmente afectan a los labios, la mucosa oral, los surcos mucobucales y mucolabiales, y la lengua .

móvil y de la mucosa posterior; y Las úlceras aftosas mayores , que tienen un diámetro superior a 2 cm, comienzan como nódulos solitarios y posteriormente destruyen el tejido más profundo, dando lugar a cicatrices que afectan a las superficies de la mucosa oral móvil y de la mucosa posterior; Y

Mucositis classification

A mnemonic for evaluating melanoma developing in moles: Asymmetric, The borders are irregularly shaped, The color is various shades of brown or black, the diameter is greater than 6 mm, and the shape of the mole is Evolving.

An order reflecting that medication should be administered at regular time intervals, such as every six hours, to maintain consistent drug levels in the patient’s bloodstream.

Reflex demonstrated by stoking of the toes with the big toe pointing toward the back (dorsum) of the foot. In adults, Babinski’s response is considered abnormal and an indication of motor neuron disease.

A congenital defect caused when two halves of the hard palate fail to fully unite and fuse in the midline, leaving a gap between them, and making it very difficult for an infant to generate the suckling necessary for breastfeeding.

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Infection prevention and control interventions to be used in addition to standard precautions for diseases spread by contact with the patient, their body fluids or their environment, such as C-diff, MRSA, VRE and RSV.

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